Why Choose Clozzits for Your Needs

Clozzits offers semi-custom closet solutions that elevate property values and enhance the living experience for residents. Property owners should work with Clozzits due to the maximum ROI and minimal risk these solutions bring. Clozzits serves clients throughout the United States and provides reliable and timely service with locations in multiple states. The custom closets add value to both the resident and property owner, and professional installation is available. With several options ranging from essential to luxury, the closet systems meet the needs of modern residents and can justify higher rents. 

Most common challenges multifamily owners and operators face

Clozzits addresses the various challenges encountered by multifamily owners and operators, including reducing vacancy rates, adding value, and meeting the needs of modern residents. Our multifamily-specific closet solutions provide a valuable resolution to these issues. By investing in our semi-custom closets, owners and operators can effectively elevate property value and enhance the living experience for residents. The allure of our attractive and well-designed closets extends benefits to both the residents and property owners, making them a powerful draw for potential residents while also contributing to reduced vacancy rates.

7 reasons to choose Clozzits

1. Multifamily specific

When it comes to investing in your multifamily property, Clozits offers a solution that goes beyond the standard renovation. While closets are often overlooked, they play a crucial role in attracting residents and maximizing cash flow. For owners and operators of multifamily properties, Clozzits is the ultimate partner in every aspect. From product construction and design to seamless collaboration with the operation team and installation, our services are specifically tailored for the multifamily industry. We understand the unique needs, time frames, and organizational boundaries that come with managing multifamily properties.

2. Less turnover

An improved closet storage that maximizes space is what everyone wants and needs. In today’s competitive rental market where most amenities and rent costs remain highly competitive, having something unique can make all the difference. That’s where Clozzits closet solutions come into play, providing a tipping factor that ensures property owners retain their valued residents. Embracing Clozzit’s innovative closet storage solutions, property owners can directly experience the advantages: reduced turnover leads to increased occupancy stability, ultimately resulting in a boost to the owner’s revenue.

3. Higher ROI and NOI

Clozzits offers property owners the opportunity to achieve a higher Return on Investment and Net Operating Income. By investing in Clozzits closet solutions, property owners can increase the value of their properties. Clozzits’ closets do not only add aesthetic value to properties, but also add functionality and attractiveness to potential residents. This enables property owners to justify higher rents and achieve better ROI. In addition, Clozzits helps minimize vacancy rates and reduce tenant turnover. This reduces the cost and effort involved in finding new residents and increases NOI.

4. Lower costs

Clozzits sets itself apart in the market through its unique position in the market with a vertically integrated company, resulting in lower costs and better control of quality. Unlike traditional suppliers, Clozzits eliminates the need of a middleman in the process. We manage the entire production and distribution process, enabling us to achieve efficiency benefits and cost savings.

5. Short installation process

At Clozzits, we place great value on expert installation, because we believe that a great closet is only as good as the installation behind it. That’s why property owners can trust that their closets are in good hands with Clozzits’ carefully selected and trained installers. Using an efficient installation process, Clozzits allows property owners to waste as little time as possible and quickly enjoy the benefits of high-quality closets from Clozzits.

6. Variety of options

Clozzits offers a variety of options, ranging from essential to luxury, to meet the diverse needs and preferences of property owners. By offering a range of options, Clozzits allows property owners to choose the closet solution that best fits their budget, objective and the needs of their residents. Whether it is closet solutions that are practical and functional or those that enhance visual appeal, Clozzits offers a variety of choices to meet different requirements.

7. By unit on demand

With Clozzits, property owners can benefit from the flexibility of ‘per unit of demand.’ This means you can easily add closets when needed, without having to order large quantities or maintain excess inventory. With Clozzits, property owners can tailor the cabinet solution exactly to the needs of each individual unit.

Who benefits from a closet upgrade?

A closet upgrade from Clozzits offers many benefits. It increases property values, optimizes income for property owners, provides profitable investment opportunities for investors and improves the living experience for residents. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

1. Multifamily owners / operators / investors

Clozzits provides multifamily owners with a valuable opportunity to enhance the value of their properties through closet upgrades. By investing in attractive and functional wardrobes, they can distinguish their properties in a competitive market, leading to improved return on investment. Moreover, the upgraded closet amenities aid in reducing vacancy and tenant turnover, ensuring stable revenue streams and increased operational efficiency to owners and operators.

For investors, Clozzit’s closet solutions present an attractive option for profitable real estate investments. By choosing multifamily properties with high-quality closets, investors can achieve higher returns and add significant value to their portfolios.

2. Residents

Residents themselves also benefit from a closet upgrade from Clozzits. They gain access to well-designed and functional closet solutions that fulfill their storage needs and optimize their living space. The appeal of an attractive closet extends beyond aesthetics, providing residents with a sense of comfort and luxury that enhances the overall living experience. Residents will appreciate the attention to detail and improved living quality that the closet upgrade brings.

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