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A Low-Impact Investment with an ROI of 37% & Less Turnover

Turnover is the #1 challenge of property management. With a modern and functional storage solution, residents are more likely to renew their leases. This leads to increased occupancy rates and reduced turnover costs.

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The Clozzits Advantage

The added value of a closet system can justify higher rent prices, resulting in a higher return on investment for multifamily property owners. Our closet systems are designed to meet the needs of modern renters. We offer a variety of options to fit any space, from essential to luxury.

Higher Property Value

Attract and retain high-quality residents who are willing to pay a premium


Short Installation Process

With our efficient installation process, your closet system will be ready to use within five working days.


By Unit on Demoand

Easily add closets as needed, without the need for bulk ordering or excess inventory.


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Frequently asked questions

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Selling directly to our multifamily clients = lower costs. Clozzits is uniquely positioned with a vertically integrated platform (factories, regional warehouses, logistics, and technology stack) that allows Clozzits to control costs and quality optimally.

Clozzits helps multifamily owners and operators, property managers, and investors unlock value with flexible turnkey amenity upgrades with a proven long-term economic life.

On average, Clozzits clients see a 3-5% supported rent increase, an average of +37% ROI over 2.6 years, a positive impact on NOI (Net Operating Income), and differentiation within the multifamily market. For specific market results, please ask your regional Clozzits contact.

Depending on our client’s strategy within a property, Clozzits typically installs apartment closet storage systems during the make-ready, lease-up, interior renovation, or new construction process. Make-readies are the greatest opportunity for our clients to upgrade units, with 80% of Clozzits installs occurring during this process.

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“We have been using Clozzits for years now. We couldn’t be happier with the product and customer service! Great feedback from tenants and staff on the look, durability, and ease of installation.”

Michael Duffy Portrait

Mike Duffey, ARM | VP Multifamily Operations | Balfour Beatty Communities

Surprising Factors Tenants Look for in a Residence

The factors influencing the decision to choose a residence have expanded beyond rent and location. To attract and retain tenants, property managers need to pay attention to the amenities and features that matter most to renters, such as closet space.



Amenities are the top deciding factor for 70% of renters when choosing a multifamily housing option.



According to industry experts, 49% of people would pay an additional $75 per month for extra closet space.



72% of women said they would “fall in love ” with a residence that had more closet storage space.

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