Benefits of Custom Closet Installation

Optimizing space in apartments, particularly in smaller units where every inch counts, is one of the biggest challenges faced by property owners/managers and residents alike. 

Since this issue is so common in the multifamily industry, we’ve compiled this list of tips and hacks to help you and your residents make the most out of your apartment closet spaces. 

By utilizing the ideas below along with our semi-custom closet design and installation solutions, you can improve and enhance the overall living experience for residents while simultaneously increasing property value.

Declutter and Prioritize

Before implementing any space-saving solutions, the existing closets need to be decluttered. 

Before you start your renovation initiatives, encourage your apartment residents to organize their belongings and prioritize what they truly need. This process not only frees up space but also lays the foundation for an efficient and organized closet system.

Utilize Vertical Space

In small apartments, every inch of space matters. 

However, the vertical space in most traditional closet designs goes unused. 

Install shelves or hanging organizers to make the most of this space. This allows residents to store more items without cluttering the closet floor. Not only does this help keep their attire and accessories more organized, it helps prevent damage to these items, minimizes risks from stepping and slipping on items scattered on the closet floor, and it just looks more visually pleasing. 

Choose Multi-Purpose and Space-Saving Hangers

Traditional hangers often take up a significant amount of space in smaller apartment closets. Instead of sticking with these outdated hangers, residents can maximize their closet space with slimline hangers. 

They can also opt for multi-purpose hangers that hold multiple items to save space and keep their closets organized. These cascading hangers are perfect for hanging scarves, ties, belts, and even multiple pairs of pants. 

Utilize Door and Wall Space

Don’t overlook the potential of doors and walls when it comes to maximizing apartment closet space. 

Door-mounted organizers, such as hanging shoe racks or over-the-door hooks, can effectively utilize otherwise unused space. Similarly, wall-mounted shelves or pegboards provide additional storage options for smaller items.

Create Closet Zones

Another tip you can offer your residents for maintaining organization and enhancing their space, is to create designated zones within the closet for different categories of items. Whether it’s separating clothing by season or grouping accessories together, these designated zones help your residents optimize space and improve their organization game. 

Think Outside the Closet 

A great way for residents to maximize both their closet space and overall living space is to incorporate multi-functional furniture in their home.

Multi-purpose furniture and accessories such as ottomans with storage or bed frames with built-in drawers, can help maximize space in small apartments. These are the perfect places to store bulky items like comforters, towels, and blankets that take up too much space in closets. 

Create a Seasonal Rotation System

To prevent overcrowding and maintain organization, you can introduce the concept of implementing a seasonal rotation system for clothing and accessories to your residents. Encourage them to store off-season items in their ottomans or other multipurpose furniture, and then rotate them in and out of the closet as needed throughout the year. 

Invest in Semi-Custom Closet Design and Installation Solutions 

Perhaps the most effective way to maximize closet space in small apartments is to invest in semi-custom closet solutions.

Our semi-custom closet solutions are designed to maximize storage space in any closet. Since our designs are adaptable to the specific needs and dimensions of your property’s closets, they ensure that every inch of closet space is utilized efficiently and effectively. With their multiple shelves, drawers, and hanging racks, our solutions are tailored to optimize space while enhancing overall functionality. 

By investing in our semi-custom closet solutions, you not only provide residents with ample storage space but also increase the asset value of your multifamily property. Since our closet designs are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, they serve as a valuable addition to any apartment.

Now You’re Ready to Optimize Your Multifamily Properties 

Maximizing closet space in small apartments can be a challenge, but with these tips and our semi-custom closet solutions, you can transform any closet into an organized, efficient storage space that’s visually appealing — and provides an optimal ROI

Contact us today to learn more about our semi-custom closet solutions and how they can benefit your property and residents.

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